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The Young Pianist’s Library, Book 1b : From Bach to Bartok


The first title in the Young pianist’s Library, is a collection of original piano pieces by the masters in three graded volumes, A,B and C. Volume A contains a sampling of  original keyboard works available in the literature, volumes B and C present material in next grade levels. Each book covers a time span of about two centuries, from the early masters to the moderns and offers a varied and colorful panorama of changing musical styles. The pieces are presented in an approximately chronological sequence, for the convenience of teacher and student, the selections are listed in the order of difficulty in the contents page.

  1. Waltz
  2. Musette
  3. Song og the Vagabond
  4. German Dance
  5. Carnival
  6. Minuet
  7. Scherzino
  8. Minuet – mozart
  9. andante grazioso
  10. air
  11. march
  12. melody
  13. happy story
  14. minuet
  15. angolise
  16. Bourree
  17. Italian Song
  18. Rigudon
  19. Landler
  20. on the swing
  21. the wild horseman
  22. three country dances

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Item Number: 029156198003 / 9780769234366
Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Selected and edited by Denes Gay


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