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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756 1791Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756 1791

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791: New Aspects of a Star

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Mozart and his work have been examined in every possible way by music and other sciences – there is an abundance of material. Equally, everything about his life seems to have been analyzed by using the external facts available. The author of this biography, however, wanted to look behind the scenes and try to discover Mozart’s true character. As an approach she chose those sciences, which she also qualifies as wisdoms and the methods of which are holistic instead of analytical and dissecting, such as astrology, psychology of handwriting analysis, numerology, holistic medicine and others.

Moreover, it was the authors intent to draw a living picture of Mozart, by asking the question, among other things, what he actually might have looked like. She describes the conditions of life in these days, which today are hard to imagine, and his relationships with the women close to him, his mother, his sister and his wife – an aspect which has been neglected until now.

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Publisher: Austrian Imperial Edition
Author / Composer: Renate Hofbauer
ISBN-10: 390219619X

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