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You Can Play Blues Piano (藍調鋼琴輕鬆彈)

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B-stock items are unused but they have some physical foxing or light stains on the book covers. The content is however intact and completely useable.

这是一本基础的蓝调钢琴教本, 从最初浅的基础阶到进阶的调式运用,笔者以简明厄要的图、表及重点一一点出,非常适合用于爵士钢琴的课程自修,只要研读练习, 你也可以为一个蓝调乐的好手. This is a basic blues piano textbook. From the initial shallow basic level to advanced mode use, the author points out one by one with concise diagrams, tables, and key points. It is very suitable for self-study of jazz piano courses. Study exercises, you can also be a master of blues. 

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  • Item Number: 9789572032503 / 00150
  • Publisher: 立谊音乐业书
  • By: 邱哲丰


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