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Your First Keyboard Method – The Fun Way to Learn To Play Book 2

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B-stock items are unused but they have some physical foxing or light stains on the book covers. The content is however intact and completely useable.


Enjoy Developing your keyboard playing one step at a time, book 2 introduces you to more notes and you’ll start playing with both hands together. plus lots more great tunes to play!

Following on from book 1 in the series, this book will help you to develop your keyboard skills one step at a time. In Book 1 you learned the names of the white notes and some of the signs and symbols used in music. In book 2, you will learn about the black keys, and you will begin to play tunes with both hands at the same time.

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Item Number: 9780711967892 /  CH61408
Author / Composer / Publisher: Chester Music


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