1. GuZheng Rental
The truth of the matter is, it is very easy to buy any GuZheng in Singapore, but they are hard to sell off (regardless of the brand and quality).
So, if you or your child is just starting out to learn GuZheng and you’re not sure how long the interest will last, it’s best to just rent one. Because price point aside, GuZheng takes up a lot of space, which is a premium to most Singapore homes today. We provide GuZheng rental of various sizes.

Guzheng rental
Rental from $60

2 Cajon Rental
Do you need the Cajon for a one-day event, be it a Birthday or Anniversary? Why not just rent it?
Our quality Gon Bops Cajon is available from $20 a day.


3 Foot Tambourine
This is almost a must to go with any Cajon performance. Rent one from $8, or just buy one from us at $15 up.

Foot Tambourine

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