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Music Studio Rental for Private Music Teachers and Students

1. Are you a Private Music Teacher looking for a studio to rent for the long term where you could gather all your students in one location, come rain or shine? You don’t have to commit to a lease. Give us a call about piano studio rental arrangements. Our studios have been used for other instruments practices and recordings, such as Violins and Cellos etc.

2. Are you a student preparing for your upcoming Piano examination? Nothing beats practising on an exam graded piano at our studio.

Starting at $20 per hour for studio rental. Call us to inquire!

3. Are you preparing to record and submit your Videos for online exams? Organisations such as ROCKSCHOOL, ABRSM, Teng Academy etc have all launched online exams, with some calling it Performance Certificates. What this means is that students could now record their playing of exam pieces in consecutive successions and submit them online for grading purposes.

However, most homes do not have the right Acoustic setup and therefore recordings are likely to turn out less than ideal, or possibly a nightmare if you have noisy neighbours. This is great injustice to the students’ practicing effort and performance. You can eliminate this factor by having your recording done in our studio. So, do yourself a favour, get a decent recording studio for your online music exam pieces recording!

For inquiries, please call or drop us an email through the Contact Us page.