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Piano Repair, Piano Tuning & GuZheng Tuning Services

1. Piano Repair

We offer very reasonable charges for piano repair services. Piano maintenance, which includes some restoration and parts replacement are extremely important to keep your beloved piano in pristine condition for many years. As they say, “prevention is better than cure”, so don’t wait too long before having your piano assessed and maintained regularly by a professional. It could also fetch a higher resale value should you decide to let go of it. Contact us now for a dependable piano repair service.

Piano Repair Services

2. Piano Tuning

Having your piano tuned is extremely important. It is not just about letting it bring music to your ears but it is also part of the maintenance routine to keep it running in good shape for many years. We have experienced Piano Tuners that could bring “life” to your pianos again, starting from just $80 depending on the make, model and condition of your instrument.

Piano tuning

3. GuZheng Tuning and Restring Services

Like all strings instruments, there is no joy in playing with an out-of-tune GuZheng. The fact that GuZheng has 21 strings makes it more important to get all the pitches in order. We provide GuZheng lessons, tuning and restring services in Singapore starting from $50. It may take over an hour to clean, restring, reset the bridges and tune all 21 strings.

guzheng Tuning

In our complete restring and tuning services, we’ve helped to restore many “hand-me-down” GuZhengs in pretty bad conditions.

Here’s one that arrived at our shop:

Guzheng Original State

After restoration the wood gets a bit of extra polish and the unsightly tape completely removed:

Guzheng After Restoration

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