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Purcell Album 1


1.Purcell, Henry: Suite
no. 1

2.Purcell, Henry: Suite no. 2

3.Purcell, Henry: Suite no. 5

4.Purcell, Henry: Suite
no. 7

5.Purcell, Henry: Ground

6.Purcell, Henry: A Ground in Gamut

7.Purcell, Henry: Toccata

8.Purcell, Henry: Prelude

9.Purcell, Henry: Trumpet Tune called the Cebell

10.Purcell, Henry: Voluntary

11.Purcell, Henry: March

12.Purcell, Henry: Prelude

13.Purcell, Henry: Corant

14.Purcell, Henry: Minuet

15.Purcell, Henry: A New Scotch Tune

16.Purcell, Henry: A New Irish Tune

17.Purcell, Henry: Trumpet Tune

18.Purcell, Henry: Air

19.Purcell, Henry: Verse

20.Purcell, Henry: Lesson

21.Purcell, Henry: The Queen’s Dolour

22.Purcell, Henry: Sefauchi’s Farewell

Item Number: 9790006480951/ BA6555
Publisher: Bareneriter Piano Album
EditorTöpel, Michael
Instrumentation of the workPiano
Product formatPerformance score, Anthology

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