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Teachers’ Choice, Selected Piano Repertory and Studies 2021 & 2022, Grades 1, 2 & 3 (Josephine Koh)


The latest of this series comprises popular choice pieces and alternative works from the ABRSM Piano Examination syllabi. These pieces have been specially selected for examination purposes and general repertoire study. Meticulously fingered and edited, the Teachers’ Choice 2021 & 2022, just like the past series, offers teaching points and performance directions that help to develop technical assurance and stylistic awareness in the students. All works in Teachers’ Choice are beautifully scored for comfort of reading. Beyond examinations, the series is enjoyed by music teachers who use the studies presented in each grade, for the development of specific technical skills in their students.

Grade 1
A2  Mozart   Minuet in C, K. 6
A6  Gurlitt   The Chase/The Hunt (No. 15 from First Lessons for the Piano, Op.117)
A7  Handel  Gavotte in C
A9  Türk  Arioso in F (no. 1 from 12 Handstücke)

B1  Schumann Melodie (No. 1 from Album fur die Jugend, Op. 68)
B5  Alwyn The Trees are Heavy with Snow
B8  Grechaninov  Fairy Tale (No. 1 from Children’s Album, Op. 98)

C4  June Armstrong  Sunlight Through the Trees (from Piano Star: Grade 1)
C5  Elias Davidsson  The Frog (from The Gift of Music )

Grade 2
A4   Anon Corranto (from Fritzwilliam Virginal Book)
A9   Mozart  Minuet in D, K. 7
A10  attrib. L. Mozart  Bourlesq (from The Wolfgang Notebook)

B4   Bartók  Sorrow (No. 7 from For Children, Vol. 2)
B5   Grechaninov  Farewell (No. 4 from Children’s Album, Op. 98)
B8   Spindler  Waltz in A minor

C6   Ludovico Einaudi  The Snow Prelude No. 3
C9   Sculthorpe  Singing Sun (No. 6 from A Little Book of Hours)
C10  Giles Swayne  Whistling Tune

​Grade 3
A2   J.F.F. Burgmüller  Innocence (No. 5 from 25 études faciles et progressives, Op. 100)
A5   L. Mozart  Angloise (from Notebook for Wolfgang)
A8   Reinecke  Vivace (4th movt from Sonatina in A minor, Op. 136 No. 4)
A10 Weber  Scherzo

B6   Bartók  Andante (No. 2 from For Children, Vol. 2)
B7  W. Carroll  Spraymist (No. 3 from In Southern Seas)
B8  Gurlitt  Song, Op. 172, No. 1

C9   H. Mancini arr Miller& J. Mercer   Moon River (from Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
C10 Karen Tanaka   Northern Lights

Item Number: 9789811479915 / WMP 2515
Publisher: Wells Music Publishers
Edited and Annotated by: Josephine Koh

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