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The Schubert Thematic Catalogue


B-stock items are unused but they have some physical foxing or light stains on the book covers. The content is intact and completely useable.

Complied by a distinguished Schubert scholar, this volume was the first definitive catalogue, in chronological order, of all 1,515 known and traceable works by Franz Schubert. It is a list that the composer himself, in a sense, helped create, for Schubert dated most of his manuscripts, sometimes noting the exact day, almost always citing the month and the year.

Entries in the catalogue include all or some of the following information: incipits, catalogue number date and place of composition, title of work, location of the original manuscript, statistics of first performance, statistics of first edition, historical notes and literature on the subject. The few undated works are listed at the end of the book. Five appendixes and three indexes, among them lists of Schubert’s instrumental and vocal music – the latter indexed by both titles and first lines – add greatly to be the catalogue’s reference value.

Even with the help of Schubert’s notations, the compilation of the thematic catalogue was a substantial scholarly task. It was carried out the impeccable care by Otto Erich Deutsch, a specialist in Schubertian biography and bibliography, in collaboration with Donald R. Wakeling. The Resulting reference work remains one of the outstanding achievements in Schubert literature, of immense value to musicologists, music librarians, scholars, students – and all lovers of Schubert’s music.

Publisher: Dover Publications
Author / Composer: Otto Erich Deutsche
ISBN-10: 0-486-28685-1

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