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Robert Fuchs: Children’s Pieces from Op. 32 and 47


Abendgebet (Evening Prayer)
Banges Herzelein (Sad at Heart)
Der kleine Trompeter (The Little Trumpeter)
Der Regen rieselt (Drizzling Rain)
Gebet (Prayer)
Grosses Geheimnis (A Great Mystery)
Herzeleid (Heartache)
Kindliche Bitte (A Child’s Request)
Lacheln unter Tranen (Smiles after Tears)
Lieb’ Schwesterlein (Dear Little Sister)
Liedchen (A Little Song)
Morgenlied (Morning Song)
Mutterchen erzahlt (Mother tells a Story)
Plappermaulchen (Chatterbox)
Romanze (Romance)
Soldatenmarsch (Soldier’s March)
Stilles Gluck (Quiet Happiness)
Stillvergnugt (Quietly Contented)
Stolzer Reitersmann (Proud Horseman)
Susser Trost (Sweet Consolation)
Wiegenliedchen (Cradle Song)

Publisher: ABRSM
Product Code: 9781854723314
Author/Composer: Robert Fuchs
Easier Piano Pieces No. 59

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