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A Tune A Day For Classical Guitar Book One


In compiling this A RUNE A DAY course of tuition, the object has intentionally been not to cover too much ground, but to concentrate on the acquisition of a thorough, musical background and a solid technical foundation when studying the classical guitar.

The initial skills have been broken down into component parts and presented in a logical manner which, at the same time, allows the teacher wide latitude for expression of his individual views on guitar instruction. Introduction of the elements of notation has purposely been deferred until such knowledge is essential for further study.

Close attention has been given to the development of the right hand thumb and fingers confined to the open strings. With this “One thing at a time” preparation of the right hand fingers, correlating the fingers of the left hand becomes a simpler learning process. Each new feature is introduced ONLY when its employment is necessary to the progressive layout of the A TUNE AT A DAY grading, Fresh objectives are reached through a step by step presentation of the technique and musical data required for the immediate task in hand, this natural progression, which is characteristics of the A TUNE A DAY instruction books, will ensure a sound comprehension and systematic advancement on the basis of an expanding musicianship. The student should be more concerned with the quality of his playing, than its quantitative aspect. Tonal dynamics when plucking the strings, correct note values, demand acute observance, the casual approach to nuance must be avoided and muaical sensitivity fostered from the first stroke on the open strings.

Authors: C. Paul Herfurth and Stanley George Urwin
Product code: BM10124 / 9780711915602
Publisher: Boston Music Company

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