Ukulele is possibly one of the easiest instruments to pick up these days. There is now a great Ukulele movement in Singapore where MOE schools are offering free lessons to mostly upper Primary level students. This sparks off the interests of many kids and they went on to pick up structured Ukulele lessons in Singapore such as those offered by our School.

Ensemble Music Ukulele Course info:
* Selecting your Ukulele
* Tuning your Ukulele
* Strumming with a Pick
* Strumming with fingers
* Strumming notation
* Music theory: Bar lines, measures, Time Signatures etc
* How to read Chord diagrams
* Music notations: I Can Read Notes!
* Scales, tremolo, tablature reading
* Fingerstyle, plucking techniques
* Play popular and pop songs
* Learn Rockschool Ukulele Syllabus & Exam Preparation

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