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Baby Shower Gift / Toddler Birthday Gift Idea

Are you fretting over what to present for your loved one’s Baby Shower or Birthday event?

There’s always the convenience of offering the Red Packet (Ang Bao), or the common giving of NTUC (or the like) Vouchers. Some prefer to give necessities such as diapers, milk bottles, baby wears etc. However, these items are so personal in many ways that most Parents would prefer to shop for it themselves.

Perhaps you could consider something more unique and tangible such as our High Quality and affordable Mini Digital Piano. It comes with 25-keys (2 octaves) meaning that one could play many kids’ songs with it. It is relatively small and lightweight. Since no stool is required, it is safe to use as you don’t have to worry that the child will fall over.

This Mini Piano requires no maintenance, making it a memorable gift long after the Baby Shower or Birthday event is over.

So, check out this wonderful Baby Shower Gift or Birthday Gift here:

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