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Musical Instruments Dry Cabinet

Have you just invested in an expensive piece of Solid Wood string instrument such as a Guitar, Violin or Viola? Good for you!

However, I’m sure we are aware that the humidity level in Singapore is a silent (yet sure) killer to these instruments. No matter how good your hard case is, it is not going to protect your guitar or violin as time goes by. The cases can’t even keep dust out completely! The dehumidifying bags that you placed in your cases have short life spans and no one actually knows how effective they are!

Over time, your instrument is going to expand (bulge), a sign where moisture has set in. Treatment is tricky and may not fully restore its condition. Other materials used in the construction of your instruments include metals such as gold and silver. Metals are less susceptible to breakage, yet high humidity could introduce the adverse effect of corrosion. The best approach is a preventive measure, and the best solution is to keep the instrument in a humidity-controlled environment maintained at 45% – 60% Relative Humidity.

Protect your beloved guitar or violin now, the sooner the better. Our Musical Instruments Dry Cabinets are built with high quality that comes with a limited 5-year warranty. Order them online or contact us if you have any questions.

Guitar dry cabinet

Violin Dry Cabinet

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