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Birthday / Anniversary / Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Service

Preparing a gift for your loved ones? We provide wrapping service for guitars, ukulele, Kalimba, mini pianos, books, accessories etc coupled with a free card filled with the wordings you’d like to share.

Kalimba Wrapping Service

Kalimba Wrapping Service

Guitar wrapping service

Kids Guitar wrapping service

Kids Birthday gift

Kids Birthday gift












Add our Gift Wrapping Service HERE to your instruments or books purchase and add your personal notes in the comment box when you check out. Need more info? Give us a call at 69746332.


Music Studio Rental for Private Music Teachers and Students

1. Are you a Private Music Teacher looking for a studio to rent for the long term where you could gather all your students in one location, come rain or shine? You don’t have to commit to a lease. Give us a call about piano studio rental arrangements. Our studios have been used for other instruments practices and recordings, such as Violins and Cellos etc.

2. Are you a student preparing for your upcoming Piano examination?  Nothing beats practising on an exam graded piano at our studio.

Starting at $20 per hour for studio rental.  Call us to inquire!

3. Are you preparing to record and submit your Videos for online exams? Organisations such as ROCKSCHOOL, ABRSM, Teng Academy etc have all launched online exams, with some calling it Performance Certificates. What this means is that students could now record their playing of exam pieces in consecutive successions and submit them online for grading purposes.

However, most homes do not have the right Acoustic setup and therefore recordings are likely to turn out less than ideal, or possibly a nightmare if you have noisy neighbours. This is great injustice to the students’ practicing effort and performance. You can eliminate this factor by having your recording done in our studio. So, do yourself a favour, get a decent recording studio for your online music exam pieces recording!  ?

For inquiries, please call or drop us an email through the Contact Us page.

Instruments Rental Services

1. GuZheng Rental
The truth of the matter is, it is very easy to buy any GuZheng in Singapore, but they are hard to sell off (regardless of the brand and quality).
So, if you or your child is just starting out to learn GuZheng and you’re not sure how long the interest will last, it’s best to just rent one. Because price point aside, GuZheng takes up a lot of space, which is a premium to most Singapore homes today. We provide GuZheng rental of various sizes.

Guzheng rental
Rental from $60

2 Cajon Rental
Do you need the Cajon for a one-day event, be it a Birthday or Anniversary? Why not just rent it?
Our quality Gon Bops Cajon is available from $20 a day.


3 Foot Tambourine
This is almost a must to go with any Cajon performance. Rent one from $8, or just buy one from us at $15 up.

Foot Tambourine

For more on Rental service, call us at 69746332, WhatsApp 98599131, or simply fill up the Contact Us form. We’ll be sure to reach out to you soon.

Schools & Corporate Enquiries

1. Ensemble Music supply instruments to many schools and institutions. Call us to enquire about Education Discounts:

School Guzheng

School Guzheng

Kalimba for schools

Kalimba supply for schools


2. We also run corporate events such as gigs, performances and group lessons for corporate employees, such as company Kalimba team building, team bonding programs. Call 69746332 or write to us and we’ll respond swiftly.

Harp School Program

Harp School Program


DIY Kalimba Workshop

DIY Kalimba Workshop

DIY Kalimba

DIY Kalimba

Kids Kalimba Workshop

Kids Kalimba Workshop


Kalimba Team Building Program

Kalimba Team Building Program


School Kalimba Workshop

School Kalimba Workshop


Piano Repair, Piano Tuning & GuZheng Tuning Services

1. Piano Repair

We offer very reasonable charges for piano repair services. Piano maintenance, which includes some restoration and parts replacement are extremely important to keep your beloved piano in pristine condition for many years. As they say, “prevention is better than cure”, so don’t wait too long before having your piano assessed and maintained regularly by a professional. It could also fetch a higher resale value should you decide to let go of it. Contact us now for a dependable piano repair service.

Piano Repair Services

2. Piano Tuning

Having your piano tuned is extremely important. It is not just about letting it bring music to your ears but it is also part of the maintenance routine to keep it running in good shape for many years. We have experienced Piano Tuners that could bring “life” to your pianos again, starting from just $80 depending on the make, model and condition of your instrument.

Piano tuning

3. GuZheng Tuning and Restring Services

Like all strings instruments, there is no joy in playing with an out-of-tune GuZheng. The fact that GuZheng has 21 strings makes it more important to get all the pitches in order. We provide GuZheng lessons, tuning and restring services in Singapore starting from $50. It may take over an hour to clean, restring, reset the bridges and tune all 21 strings.

guzheng Tuning

In our complete restring and tuning services, we’ve helped to restore many “hand-me-down” GuZhengs in pretty bad conditions.

Here’s one that arrived at our shop:

Guzheng Original State

After restoration the wood gets a bit of extra polish and the unsightly tape completely removed:

Guzheng After Restoration

Need help with your piano or Guzheng tuning? Contact us now

Strings Instruments Tuning and Re-String

Strings Instruments Tuning and Re-String

Guitar Tuning / Ukulele Tuning / Violin Tuning / Cello Tuning Services under one roof

(Inclusive of Guitar restring / Ukulele restring / Violin restring / Cello restring services)

It may appear simple and straightforward, but many customers have found restringing of Strings instruments challenging. We came across cases of Violin bridges and sound posts collapse during the tuning process, or that someone gets cut by the guitar steel strings when they snapped! Others include the nylon strings of the Ukuleles slipping out every now and then.

We offer a one-stop solution to your restringing and tuning frustrations, so that you could focus on the playing / practice sessions. Our tuning services are strictly by appointment only and you may need to leave your instruments with us.

Give us a call at 69746332 or WhatsApp 98599131, or simply fill up the Contact Us form. We’ll be sure to reach out to you soon.