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Guidelines on the Instruments of the Orchestra – Lee Ching Ching


This book is a compilation of timeless classics, simplified and aimed to build the skills. agility and tonal control of late intermediate pianists, in order to assist the transition into advanced level. Theory exercises are included after each song, for the pianist to make a physical/theory connection.
Content :
Sound Production
The String Family
The Woodwind Family
The Brass Family
The Percussion Family
The Harp
The Keyboard Instruments
Chamber Music
Development of the Orchestra
– The Baroque Musical Scores
– The Classical Musical Scores
– The Romantic Musical Scores
– The Twentieth Century
Summary on the Comparison between the Instrumentation of Different Stylistics Eras

Publisher: Rhythm MP
Product Code: 9789679854817
Author/Composer: Lee Ching Ching

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