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Beethoven’s Quartets

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Remarkably readable and accessible, this classic exposition presents a bar-by-bar, theme-by-theme analysis of all 16 quartets and the Grosse Fuge. Joseph de Marliave eschews technical terms, focusing on mood and general effects. His numerous musical examples – 321 in all – offer crystalline illustrations of Beethoven’s major themes and allow readers to follow every development and embellishment.

In addition to musicological information, the author provides a complete background, encompassing dates of composition, reactions of contemporary audiences and critics, the influences of Mozart and Haydn, and Beethoven’s transcendence of established forms. Scholars will find abundant source material, including quotations from other studies of Beethoven, personal remarks by the composer, and contemporary comments by Beethoven’s patrons and friends.

Clear and detailed analyses, in addition to a wealth of documentary material, make this one of the most complete and authoritative studies of Beethoven’s quartets – as well as one of the most enjoyable.

Publisher: Dover Publications
Author / Composer: Joseph De Marliave
ISBN-10: 0-486-43965-8

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