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T.F. Kirchner: New Scenes of Childhood


Allegretto in C
Allegretto in D
Allegretto in G
Allegretto scherzando in C
Andante in C
Andantino espressivo in C
Andantino in C
Moderato in C
Moderato in E
Moderato in F
Munter in C
Nicht schnell in C
Poco vivace in C
Poco vivace in E minor
Ruhig in D
Vivace in A minor
Vivace in C

Publisher: ABRSM
Product Code: 9781854723062
Author/Composer: Theodor Fürchtegott Kirchner
Edited by: Lionel Salter
Easier Piano Pieces No. 52

Romantic (Early) 1825-1860

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