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你不可不知道的贝多芬100首经典创作及其故事 (Beethoven’s 100 Classic Creations and Stories You Must Know)

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The symphony “Hero” was originally titled ‘Sinfonia intitolata Bonaparte’, a magnificent piece, a tribute to the French revolutionary hero Napoleon, but because Napoleon declared himself as emperor, Beethoven becamefurious. Flying into a rage, the composer shouted: ‘So he is no more than a common mortal! Now he, too, will tread underfoot all the rights of man [and] indulge only his ambition; now he will think himself superior to all men [and] become a tyrant!’ Snatching up a  pen, Beethoven then strode over to the score and scribbled out the title so violently that he tore through the paper. Henceforth, the work would be known simply as the Sinfonia Eroica (the ‘Heroic’ Symphony). The Sonata “Passion” is like a torrent of flames pouring on the granite rock, like waves that are constantly hitting the mountain wall, but violent but unable to break it. He fell in love with a married woman, and his depressed emotions could only be conveyed by the sound of the piano. The sonata “Walderstein” is like a vast plain, flooded with sunshine, it is a beautiful day that is never enough in summer…. The symphony “Destiny” represents his mental journey against the “dead world”. Beethoven said: “When destiny finds the door, I will hold his throat and I will not be knocked down by Him.” The Ninth Symphony “Chorus” brought Beethoven’s musical life to a peak, and the vocal chorus was strong and inspiring. “Ode to Joy” became Beethoven’s last immortal masterpiece.

On the evening of May 7, 1824, the ninth symphony “Chorus” and “Solemn Mass” premiered at the Vienna Court Theatre. Beethoven, who was deaf, was unable to direct the performance himself, so he could only sit in a chair beside the stage with his back to the audience. At the end of the music, he could not hear the surging applause behind him like a surging wave; nor could he hear the burst of applause at the end of the song. Beethoven didn’t notice it, just looked down at the music score, immersed in his own world. He still beat himself up. At this time, a female singer walked to him and gently pulled his sleeves before he realized that the performance was over. When he turned to face the audience, there was thunderous applause from the audience. Everyone stood up to pay tribute to the genius and shouted frantically “Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven…”, everyone was moved to tears. This is the most real and emotional scene in the history of music, and it is also Beethoven’s closest moment to perfection.


Author / Composer: 許麗雯
Publisher: 華滋出版
ISBN: 9789866271359
Language: Traditional Chinese

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