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Mozarthaus Vienna


Only one of Mozart’s Viennese residences, Domgasse 5, has been preserved in the style of the day, and it was here that the composer lived from 1784 to 1787 in almost baronial splendor with 4 rooms, 2 smaller chambers and a kitchen. From January 27, 2006 onward, the life and work of the musical genius will be presented in the Mozarthaus Vienna in an exhibition that stretches over six floors. Mozart’s apartment has been adapted for visitors, who will be able to enjoy an authentic presentation of the times in which Mozart lived, and appreciate the composer’s personal circumstances. The central focus is on Mozart’s years in Vienna, years which wee also the highpoint of his creative life.

The café on the ground floor, the museum shop, and the room for public functions (backed by a grant from EU) in the basement complement the comprehensive range of services offered by the Mozarthaus Vienna.

Publisher: Prestel
Author / Composer: Alfred Stalzer
ISBN-10: 3-791-33617-7
ISBN-13: 978-3-791-33617-6

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