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A New Tune A Day For Violin Book 1 with DVD


The DVD edition of this hugely popular series of tutors gets you even closer to your instrument with a set of real music lessons right there on your screen!
A New Tune A Day features the same logical, gentle pace and keen attention to detail that made earlier editions so hugely popular and successful. Clear explanatory diagrams and photographs help guide you through the lessons and achieve the very best in tone, technique and posture. The selection of music is fresh and exciting, including duets and rounds to inspire the student and ensure that those vital practice hours are never boring!

The book includes:
Advice on your instrument and the equipment you will need
Instructions for effective technique and comfortable playing
Explanatory pages on reading and understanding music
Tests to check your own progress and comprehension

The accompanying audio CD features a virtuoso performance and backing track for each pieces, as well as recorded examples to support the lessons.

The DVD features lessons on:
Basic techniques
Putting the instrument together
Looking after your instrument
Basic music notation
How to approach your first piece


  • Product code: HL14022770 / 9780825682179 / 752187438588
  • Publisher: Hal Leonard / Boston Music Company, Part of music sales group

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