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The Musician’s Joke Book


Most professions have their own jokes, but musicians seem to  have more than their fair share. Perhaps it’s the insane travel schedule, the bad lodgings, or just lack of sleep. But as Jim Green says in his introduction, “… it’s not surprising we’re a band apart (so to speak), outcasts who seek only our own company, rubbing two jokes together for warmth and trying to feel superior by sneering at one another’s abilities and personalities”.

So maybe the reason musicians love poking fun at one another is nothing more than getting in first before everyone else does. Or perhaps choosing laughter is the only alternative to despair…

Anyway, here is a truly great selection of jokes, quotes and stories from the world’s second oldest profession. Enjoy!

Publisher: Omnibus Press
Author / Composer: Jim Green
ISBN-10: 0-825-63506-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-825-63506-9

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